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Luxury Brands Enter the Super Bowl Fray

By: Brett Finkelstein | Feb 01, 2019

While luxury brands may not be the first labels to come to mind when talking about the Super Bowl, they’re taking a seat at the table this year. From Versace to Saks, brands hope to appeal to the 103 million viewers that watched last year, at least the portion that can spend on high-end luxury goods.

The average Super Bowl ticket costs between $2,500 and $3,000, making clear that some sports fans are willing to spend like luxury consumers. But brands are spending equally lavishly for screen time Sunday, with CBS charging over $5 million for a 30-second spot.

So don’t be too surprised this year when you see Versace alongside Doritos and Budweiser. The fashion label, which ranked as Gifted in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index; Fashion Global, is working with rapper 2 Chainz on a limited-edition sneaker collection called 2 Chain Reaction that’s set to launch on February 1, just before game day.

The collection taps into the rapper’s hometown in Atlanta, where the big game is being held this year, as well as the rising streetwear trend that has been growing fast among fashion brands. Saks Fifth Avenue is also getting in on the action, creating an exclusive collection for the championship game, again with an emphasis on streetwear, featuring items like Fendi sneakers.

Other luxury sectors to be seen at the game include automakers and spirits brands like LVMH-owned Hennessy, as the ban on liquor advertisements during NFL games was lifted back in 2017. While most people will be betting on the Patriots and the Rams, don’t overlook these luxury brands.