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Luxury Fashion Rolls Up Its Sleeves

By: Anshuman Rathore | Apr 03, 2020

As the world becomes ensnared by the Coronavirus pandemic, industries across the globe are gearing up to fight from the front. The torchbearers in this fight are the fashion powerhouses that have swayed from producing clothes to manufacturing protective masks, sanitizers, and other medical equipment. From pledging money to manufacturing medical essentials, here are the actions that various giants are taking.


Gucci extends its support by donating $2.2 million which will be divided equally between the Italian Civil Protection Department and WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. It has also partnered with WHO to help spread useful information about the virus. Gucci has also used the Donate Sticker in Instagram Stories to give to the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. “Gucci has created a world, open and free: a Gucci global community. We ask all of you to be the changemakers in this crisis, to stand together with us in the fight against the coronavirus. We are all in this together.” Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele and the President and CEO Marco Bizzarri stated in a statement.


Giorgio Armani has pledged a donation of 2 million to Italy’s Civil Protection and a range of Italian hospitals and institutions in the country. Armani also posted a full-page ad in nearly all the major Italian newspapers, addressing the health-care providers arduously fighting the Coronavirus outbreak. Additionally, Giorgio Armani is also utilizing its Italian manufacturing units to produce protective gear for healthcare workers.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has pledged a donation of $10 million to Coronavirus relief efforts. Part of it will also be used to help Ralph Lauren employees impacted in various ways by the virus. Moreover, it has also directed its U.S. manufacturing partners to produce nearly 25K isolation gowns and 250K masks. President and CEO Patrice Louvet also stated, “As we move through this challenging time, we are focused on continuing to be the beacon of optimism and unity that Ralph Lauren and our brands have always been.”


LVMH has announced that it will be converting three perfume manufacturing facilities used for making fragrances for its Christian Dior and Givenchy into making hand sanitizers. Additionally, it will be using its Chinese suppliers to provide 10 million surgical masks to France. In order to secure this order during an extremely tense period and to ensure that production begins today, Bernard Arnault arranged for LVMH to finance the whole of the first week of deliveries, amounting to five million euros,” LVMH said in a statement.