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Lysol Steps Up to the Plate

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 29, 2020

Major League Baseball(MLB) has teamed up with Lysol for a multi-year partnership dedicated to reinforcing healthy habits and disinfection protocols. The collaboration kicked off during the Coronavirus crisis, but sets the stage for a post-pandemic push. 

After a number of major league teams faced Coronavirus outbreaks this year, the MLB hopes to avoid similar circumstances during the 2021 season. To do so, it partnered with Lysol to revise its cleaning protocols and safety guidelines. The new cleaning conditions will apply to players, staff, and fans across the country and help both Lysol and the MLB meet consumer demand for increased health awareness during the Coronavirus pandemic, according to a Gartner report. Additionally, stadium dugouts, bullpens, and fan areas will feature Lysol products and “disinfectant kits” will be given to players and their families during the postseason. Outside of the ballpark, the brands will bring products and educational materials to schools and community centers, which could boost engagement with young baseball fans and their families. The initiative could also allow Lysol to teach young children healthy habits early on and spread awareness about cleaning during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Early demand for Lysol during the pandemic led to a 50% rise in sales that it could potentially sustain by partnering with large organizations like the MLB and Hilton. Working with Lysol could also help the MLB further assure fans of its safety procedures and prevent team outbreaks like it saw this year. As spectators hope to return to sports stadiums next year, ensuring its teams and locations are Coronavirus-free could help the MLB build trust with consumers and begin making up for lost ticket sales. The MLB is not the only major league organization adjusting its promotions to connect with Coronavirus-wary fans, as the NBA and NHL also altered their policies to keep players and fans safe. While many sports organizations, like the NFL, have focused on connecting with at-home sports fans, the MLB is drawing attention to its in-person procedures. Doing so could help it engage fans excited for “normal”, post-pandemic viewing experiences. Until fans are back in the stands, the MLB is keeping them entertained via TikTok and Twitter, where viewers can get behind-the-scenes looks at players, games, and its new Lysol partnership.

The Coronavirus pandemic led many brands to update their cleaning procedures, including the MLB. Its new partnership with Lysol could further promote healthy habits and thereby increase the MLB’s chances of safely bringing fans back inside the stadiums next season.