Daily Insights

Magic Masks

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 29, 2020

Crayola’s new face masks keep kids and adults safe, but spirited for Halloween. With the new products, customers can choose from plain colors or spooky-inspired face masks to dress up their costumes. 

Crayola’s Halloween face masks are made for children and adults and come in packs of five, allowing customers to wear a new mask each day of the school week. The masks include adjustable ear straps, nose wires, name tags, and a reusable, mesh laundry bag. The masks feature signature crayola colors and resemble classic Halloween figures, such as a vampire, witch, mummy, or jack-o-lantern. With the Coronavirus pandemic completely shifting “normal” shopping experiences, according to a Gartner report, Crayola’s reusable masks could help sustain the excitement of Halloween and costume shopping for kids and parents. With limited in-person Halloween events this year, Crayola’s masks could keep children safe and able to make the most of the holiday. 

Crayola launched its Halloween masks after the successful release of its original, plain-colored face masks this past summer. The mask sets, which are available for adults in plain, bright colors and for children in bright colors with the Crayola mascot face, are for sale on Amazon. Partnering with Amazon could help Crayola reach a wider, digital consumer base and potentially boost sales with consumers looking to quickly purchase masks for the whole family. The necessity and popularity of face masks have made brands eager to release their own to connect with consumers. While retail brands were quick to design original face masks, unexpected companies, like Insomnia and Crayola, are also getting in on the trend. Releasing its own line of face masks for children could help Crayola connect with its loyal audience, as the brand colors and caricatures are popular with youngsters. With the school season in full, social-distanced swing, Crayola’s face masks could become a go-to accessory for the classroom. 

By appealing to parents and children with safe and spooky face masks, Crayola could connect with a new audience of holiday shoppers and build up sales in an unexpected way.