Daily Insights

Make Space for More Snacks

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 11, 2020

Kind, the snack company known for its “Kind Bars”, is expanding into four new food categories. 

Expanding into new categories can be a risky move for food brands, but Kind’s ambitious approach comes with years of experimentation behind it. The four new “aisles” Kind is expanding into include snacks, treats, cold foods, and frozen desserts. As for the products, Kind is releasing a snack-granola hybrid, the Kind Clusters, a Kind Nut Butter Bar (available in four flavors), Kind Frozen Bars—made from nuts layered with dark chocolate and nut butter—and Kind Bark, a dark chocolate and nut combo. The indulgent snacks will continue to uphold Kind’s nutrition-focused commitment, which often includes prioritizing ingredient and nutritional messaging, according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

The new snacks arrive on the heels of Mars taking a minority stake in the brand and Kind acquiring Creative Snacks, a small brand most well known for its trail mixes. Kind plans to have all of the new products available nationwide by midyear, but has already been promoting the new products—primarily on Instagram, where the captions highlight each snack’s nutritional benefits.  Kind’s ability to hold consumer interest through social media could help convert engagement into actual sales at the grocery store as more consumers seek out healthier eating options. 

Kind’s new products give the company a wide reach into the snack market. Creating an array of products can in turn help the company attain a wide variety of snackers—and may inspire other brands to develop outside of their given food divisions.