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Manageable Meals

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 22, 2019

For busy parents or working professionals, meal kits provide the opportunity to have a gourmet meal without the time constraints. 

Meal kit services have sprung up all around the world, with companies offering specific meal type plans that best appeal to customers. Athlete-preferred brand Trifecta provides fully cooked organic meals that arrive in recyclable trays. Gousto, a British run company, sends out fresh ingredients with easy recipes for customers to follow. Various companies have been created to meet the needs of employed, but hungry individuals and have found so much success that the meal kit industry is now worth $1.5 billion. Not having to sacrifice convenience for quality is the main selling point for meal kits, followed by the niche availability consumers seek. Ordering meal kits can all be done online, making it very important that brands optimize their product offerings to appear during online searches, particularly as dietary search terms, such as “keto diet”, have grown by 46% in the past year according to a Gartner L2 report on the topic. Meal kit brands that take advantage of promoting their meal specialties online may have more consumer interaction. 

Although the meal kit industry has found international success, there are a few problems that must be faced. Firstly, meal kits have faced heat for the amount of single-use plastic involved in packaging individual ingredients. Brands that want to attract a younger clientele, in particular, must address how plastic use could be reduced. Also problematic in the growth of meal kits are the other trends that have risen in popularity recently. While “meal prepping” has led to a decreased need for meals that can be quickly put together, food delivery apps have also interrupted growth. The main assurance of a meal kit is the time convenience, but when meals have already been made for the week, or restaurant meals can now be ordered and delivered through an app in the same amount of time, the distinction becomes convoluted. 

Meal kits are a good alternative for those that may not like to cook but are tired of constantly eating out. Meal kit brands are now tasked with conveying new benefits to customers. 

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