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Marketing Meow-gic

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 19, 2021

If the only thing that got you through last week was the viral kitten lawyer, get ready for some unreleased footage of the fiasco courtesy of Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

After Texas attorney Rod Ponton found himself feline a bit too feline thanks to an adorable kitten filter on Zoom, the digital debacle went viral. Mike’s Hard Lemonade decided to keep the fun going in a new spot that features Ponton in the imagined aftermath of the kitten kerfuffle, cracking open a cold one as the words “A hard day calls for a hard lemonade.” appear on the screen.

Given the millions of viewers who instantly fell for the lovable kitten-meme lawyer, it makes sense that Mike’s Hard Lemonade would want to tap into it. But acting on viral moments is a tricky game as brands need to move quickly, before the moment becomes just another meme. Mike’s Hard Lemonade acted quickly and creatively so the ad would not only appeal to viewers, as it was essentially a continuation of the viral video itself, but also suit its own brand. It recognized that of all the viral moments, cat memes are some of the most popular. It may have also realized that many people found Ponton’s dilemma relatable and could have even been in the same age bracket as him, making the situation all the better to embellish. Finally, the ad demonstrates that despite very different circumstances amidst the pandemic, marketing meow-gic is still possible.

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