Daily Insights

Mass Mask Marketing

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 14, 2020

Florida is currently one of the states hardest hit by the Coronavirus, with more than a half million confirmed cases. However, thousands of residents and tourists are still going to the beach each day, which is why Mucinex decided to bring its latest campaign to where they are. The cold medicine company recruited local sand sculptors to create giant mask sculptures for its new “Back To Normal Is Up To You” campaign in honor of World Mask Week. The traveling art show is beginning at Fort Lauderdale’s Lago Mar Beach and will travel around the state throughout August, including to Jacksonville’s Neptune Beach and St. Petersburg Beach. Each beach’s sculptures will feature face masks and Mucinex’s campaign slogan. Those that visit the sand sculptures can also get a free custom-made mask featuring the sculptor’s artwork. 

The in-your-face marketing tactic encourages consumers to wear their masks while in public to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Mucinex’s campaign presents a staunch stance many brands have shied away from during the pandemic, but could appeal to consumers whose demands for educational content from brands has increased during this time, according to a Gartner report. The sand sculptures are actually the third tier of Mucinex’s public health information campaign that launched at the beginning of the pandemic. In addition to the “Back To Normal Is Up To You” push, Mucinex also released “Spread Facts, Not Fear” and “Be A Hero, Be Boring”, which encouraged consumers to stay home and follow CDC guidelines. Unlike its previous campaigns on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, Mucinex is promoting its new message more in-person than on social media. Alongside the beach work, the brand is also displaying its message across billboards and public spaces throughout Florida. 

Mucinex is back again with a health-related campaign that calls upon consumers to do their part during the Coronavirus pandemic. While other brands are running commercials and hashtags to encourage viewers to stay home and wear a mask, Mucinex is writing its message in the sand for all to see.