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McDonald’s Marie Kondo Makeunder

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 19, 2021

The cheeseburger chain is stripping its packaging down with a sunny and simple makeunder.

McDonald’s debuted a global overhaul of its burger wraps and fry packs, which now feature whimsical and minimalistic designs that align better with the company’s 2019 brand refresh.  A happy yellow circle signifying an egg yolk now adorns Egg McMuffins, royal blue waves wrap around the Fillet-o-Fish box, drippy cheese dresses up the new Quarter Pounder packaging, skinny yellow stripes sit inside the fry box, and more. To bring the vision to life, McDonald’s worked to spotlight only “the most special, recognizable, and iconic expression” of each menu item and ditch the rest, Marie Kondo style.

It’s not the first time the golden arches restaurant chose joy as its brand personality. Before “I’m lovin” it”, McDonald’s embraced “We love to see you smile.” as its slogan. Last month, it treated viewers to the uplifting love story of “Sebas and Alicia” in an ad meant to spark joy amidst the loneliness of the pandemic. The redesign is both practical and playful as the clean and colorful icons are easily identifiable and thus, could help consumers and crew members better remember them. Making the drive-thru even more convenient has been a top priority for many brands in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants amidst the pandemic, but especially for McDonald’s, which improved drive-thru execution by fifteen to twenty seconds across certain markets in its second quarter and earned a spot in the Gifted class.

In addition to evoking a happy, almost childlike air, the new packaging possesses a retro tone that brands of all backgrounds, including rival Burger King, have been incorporating to appeal to the nostalgia wave taking over consumer preferences.