Daily Insights

Miller Lite Raises the Bar

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 04, 2019

Miller Lite has launched a new social media campaign the involves ditching…social media? The beer brand reminds consumers that “a few friends is better than a few thousand followers” in a new video demonstrating the discontinuance of social media. 

Miller Lite is incentivizing fans to unfollow its social media accounts by offering free beer to those that send a screenshot of the unfollowed accounts to a designated number. Fans then get a reply text about how to obtain their discounted drinks. Miller Lite’s venture comes at a time when beer brands have been struggling to get user views on social media as the attitude towards alcoholic beverages shifts in society. Miller Lite’s stance to specifically detract followers but reward them with free beer makes for a very unique strategy. The campaign initiative is particularly rare because beer brands have been putting more and more money into digital campaigns according to a Gartner L2 report. Meanwhile, Miller Lite is moving away from digital and getting users to engage with its brand in person.  

In addition to the new video and free beer promotion, Miller Lite is taking two weeks off from social media where none of the brands accounts will post any new content. As for the actual beer cans, Miller Lite created a special black and white can to promote the occasion. The brand hopes to share the message that social interaction is more meaningful in person than over the phone—and is at its best when it’s shared over some beer. 

Miller Lite is willingly losing followers in exchange for gaining customers, making for an unorthodox marketing strategy in an increasingly digital world.