Daily Insights

Mini Meal Marketing

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 06, 2020

Moe’s is turning to TikTok for a new promotion centered around its barbeque burrito and burrito bowl menu items. For its campaign, Moe’s partnered with five TikTok influencers to give away “prize kits” that include a branded “wearable napkin”, a $25 gift card, and a handmade miniature picnic table scaled to perfectly hold a burrito. The picnic tables are designed by Maria Trezza, an Illinois mom who went viral earlier this year for creating picnic tables for squirrels during the pandemic. Moe’s has now recruited her artistic talent to bring mini picnic tables to burrito lovers, potentially leveraging viral publicity of their own. To build up anticipation around the promotion, Moe’s is giving away 25 mini picnic tables to TikTok users that “duet” the brand’s promotional video on the platform. 

By using TikTok—which is known for its quirky videos and unique trends—Moe’s could appeal to the younger consumers that frequent the app. For past marketing initiatives Moe’s primarily targeted 24-54 year olds, as they make up the majority of its lunch and dinner sales. By leaning into TikTok, the restaurant brand has the opportunity to connect with the app’s majority Gen-Z user base. The young audience on TikTok has lured many brands, including Moe’s restaurant rival Chipotle, which earned 400 millions views on its first campaign on the platform according to a Gartner report. As Moe’s looks to keep up with fellow restaurant brands, it makes sense to turn to one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, where users are hungry for engagement. 

Running an eccentric food campaign on TikTok could help Moe’s captivate a key consumer market for restaurant brands. As Gen-Z consumers tend to go against the grain when it comes to brand marketing, leveraging viral trends and unusual influencers could give Moe’s an advantage as it looks to boost sales following the Coronavirus pandemic.