Daily Insights

Missing Conversion Opportunities

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jul 15, 2019

Gartner L2 benchmarks insurance brands from a prospecting perspective. Paralleling the e-commerce experience seen in retail industries, the Digital IQ: Insurance methodology evaluates the efficacy of two calls-to-action (CTAs): Request-a-Quote and Find-an-Agent.

96% of tracked brands adopted product pages, with 91% including a CTA. Of the product pages with CTAs, 61% had a Request-a-Quote tool, 41% had a Find-an-Agent tool and 24% had both. The Request-a-Quote tool was on 74% of all tracked brand sites, a 7% increase from 2018. However, important subsequent features were lacking. Of the forty brands with the tool, only 38% concluded with the ability to sign up online for policies. 28% instead offered the ability to send the quote to an agent.

Unfortunately, the same percentage of Request-a-Quote tools offered no next steps for the prospect. Only 46% of brands had a Find-an-Agent tool connecting a prospect with an individual insurance agent. 96% of these Find-an-Agent tool designs used geography as the driving factor for selection. However, only 72% of analyzed brands with Find-an-Agent tools offer individual agent profiles. Yet again, 40% of these tools offered no next steps.

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