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By: Karen Lee | Jul 26, 2019

Mobile is officially bigger than TV, so the importance of mobile-ready content cannot be underestimated—and video is no exception. Mobile optimization is table stakes: among brand sites studied, 82% optimized video for mobile devices. Predictably on the social front, less than half of Facebook’s top 100 most viewed videos are mobile-optimized (formatted to be vertical or square as opposed to the standard 16:9 aspect ratio), but 89 of the top 100 videos on Instagram were optimized.

To go above and beyond, best-in-class brands not only make videos playable on their mobile sites, but format them specifically for the phone according to Gartner L2’s Video 2019 report. When on a mobile device on Under Armour’s product pages, clicking on a video lets the user watch without leaving the product page. The video is muted by default, pairing informative text graphics alongside the scenes. The user can then exit out the video, returning directly to the product page. This seamless transition to and from the video content ensures minimal interruptions for users browsing mobile brand sites.

Given that more users are scrolling through their phones, brands should make sure that their video content doesn’t interrupt their browsing experience.

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