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Modern Movie Mechanics

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 04, 2020

Warner Bros. is putting future film projects in the hands of a robot. 

Warner Bros. has partnered with artificial intelligence company Cinelytic to use a predictive algorithm that determines which movies will be successful in the box office. The former is focusing on movies in the greenlight stage, using the algorithm to predict how much a film will make and if actors in the film will help or hinder its success. By using Cinelytic’s services, executives at Warner Bros. may be able to spend less time making trivial decisions and more time focusing on more important details, such as release dates and marketing decisions. The founder of Cinelytic says the technology can calculate decisions in seconds that used to take days when done by people. 

Brands have been continually focusing on tailoring video content to get views, according to a Gartner report on the topic, but while many brands do so to score views on Instagram or YouTube, Warner Bros. is hoping to get its target markets to the theater. Box office movies are very different from YouTube videos, though the content included may hit the same target markets, so it makes sense that Warner Bros. would embrace a very specific AI bot to help choose the next blockbuster. 

As the studio behind the Harry Potter, Hangover, and The Hobbit franchises, fans may be surprised Warner Bros. wants help choosing which movies to create. While creative decisions will still be in the hands of the people, Warner Bros. is embracing AI to take care of monotonous tasks, a move that, if all goes well, other studios may soon adopt too.