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Moschino’s Virtual Showstopper

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Apr 26, 2019

Starting this week, The Sims players can doll up their virtual versions in couture outfits, courtesy of a new partnership between Electronic Arts and Italian fashion house Moschino. In a true collision of worlds, the latter also released a real-life Moschino x Sims collection. Though the move matches Moschino’s quirky style to a tee, our research suggests that the brand might struggle to reap real-life rewards from its digital effort.

Fashion brands are relying more heavily on video to reach and engage consumers as overall video consumption continues to grow, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion.  Within video, the gaming trend is growing, allowing the once-popular Sims to make a comeback. YouTuber Deligracy, for example, plays the game for her almost one million subscribers.

But while the Moschino pieces are certainly trendy, they are also pricy, ranging from an $85 phone case to $1,295 backpack. Deligracy noted much of her audience was “disappointed they couldn’t afford to buy the items, as fans of The Sims.

So while Moschino’s new line might be fun to look at and play with in the virtual world, it might not reap the same rewards in real life. This echoes an existing disconnect: while the brand already boasts a strong social media presence, it lacks basic customer service and connected content. In Gartner L2’s digital rankings, Moschino has spent years wavering between the Challenged and Average categories.

Lots of people “game and love fashion“, so it’s likely that Moschino’s virtual models will garner great attention and awareness for the brand. But will this turn into sales? Ask a teenager.

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