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Mucinex Conveys the Cold, Hard Facts

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 26, 2020

Mucinex is doing its part in addressing misleading information about COVID-19. 

Though Mucinex has been recommended to treat mild symptoms of Coronavirus, the brand’s new campaign focuses on a different type of outbreak. The “Spread Facts, Not Fear” campaign targets false information swarming around Coronavirus in the United States, including rumors of home remedies, national lockdowns, and potential “cures.” Rather than promote its own products, Mucinex is using its platform to encourage Americans to listen to experts and practice safe habits. 

“Spread Facts, Not Fear” is running across digital and social media platforms, print, and out-of-home activations. The ads include valuable content that can easily resonate with the public according to a Gartner report, such as simple, direct messages like “one way to avoid Coronavirus is by simply washing your hands,”—which has already been gaining traction on social media. Each advertisement also encourages readers to check out www.covid-19facts.com/, a website dedicated to up-to-date information from the World Health Organization and other international experts. The website also includes a host of myths debunked by medical professionals in a bid to ease the public’s fears around the virus. 

There is an oversaturation of information surrounding COVID-19 that makes it difficult for the public to always know fact from fiction. As a credible brand, Mucinex could build trust with consumers as they weather the pandemic.