Daily Insights

Nature-Infused Social Distancing

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 26, 2020

With millions of Americans practicing social distancing, a new site is providing nature-focused, solo adventures. 

Yonder is a new digital tool focused on getting people outside. The site can connect travelers to local experiences or help locals get to know their own areas better. Hands-on experiences range from hiking to sampling grapes in a vineyard to organic farming lessons. The site includes adventures across the country, such as “The Reindeer Walk” at a reindeer ranch in Alaska or “The Cabin at Purradise” a pet-friendly, star-gazing retreat in Utah. Each outing is nature-focused, and uses “Stewards”—or those hosting the events—to connect visitors with the environment. Yonder’s comprehensive website rates the physical intensity, duration, and price of each activity, in addition to a sweeping description of each activity.  

Yonder helps people explore alone, an enticing sell in today’s climate. The company has launched at a time when the overall travel industry is facing an unprecedented drop in demand from the global spread of Coronavirus. More people are practicing social distancing and still want to get their travel fix. The brand has launched social media channels—including Instagram and Facebook, which receive the highest rates of engagement according to a Gartner report— to connect with audiences further, and is encouraging everyone to #FindYourYonder.

With social distancing becoming the norm, people could benefit with an escape into nature—fortunately, Yonder has launched just in time to help make that happen.