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NBC’s New News

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 09, 2020

NBC News Now, the 24-hour streaming service from NBC News, is waking up with online viewers through its new morning show. 

Beginning October 12, NBC News Now viewers can tune into Morning News Now and catch the latest headlines and hard news pieces. The show will run Monday through Friday from 7-11 a.m. ET and is hosted by NBC veterans Savannah Sellers and Joe Fryer. The series is an interesting launch for the network given the popularity and continuance of Today on NBC, but NBC News Now hopes to differentiate itself enough that Morning News Now will attract a separate audience. The brand could find success by appealing to the millions of consumers that now get their news exclusively from streaming. Morning News Now will not feature light-hearted pieces, such as cooking segments or celebrity interviews like on Today, but rather will be dedicated to serious and breaking news pieces. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and upcoming election coalescing, Morning News Now could hook an interested audience.  

To appeal to young streamers, NBC News Now tapped Savannah Sellers as a co-host. Sellers is a current host on NBC’s “Stay Tuned” series on Snapchat, where she engages Gen Z and millennial viewers everyday. Her presence on the new show could convert Snapchat users into Morning News Now viewers and help NBC News as a whole target a younger demographic. Adding a morning show to its 24/7 streaming platform also allows NBC News to level up against competitors like CBS News and ABC News, as both channels also have streamable morning shows, CBSN and ABC News Live. As consumers turn to streaming services for more than movies and fictional content, the accessibility of a live morning show could help cable cutters still feel informed about current events. NBC News Now engages 10 million unique viewers a month, but the launch of a permanent morning show could help grow its audience and increase retention rates, according to a Gartner report on the topic. To further its reach, Morning News Now will also be available for viewing on NBCU’s Peacock and NBC News’s smartTV apps. 

While turning on the TV to watch the morning news has been a routine staple for many consumers, NBC News Now’s show appeals to a new generation of viewers. Through Morning News Now, NBC can bring breaking news and trending topics to millions of viewer’s smart devices, potentially engaging a wider and more current audience.