Daily Insights

NBC’s Virtual Voting Trail

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 20, 2020

Election Day has turned into election season as mail-in voting takes center stage. To help voters plan ahead with their ballots, NBC News created an interactive, digital voting guide. 

“Plan Your Vote”, the brand’s new campaign, gives viewers a state-by-state look at voting requirements and procedures in anticipation of the 2020 election. Voters can go to the network’s virtual guide and click on their state to read pre-answered questions, such as “After I vote by mail, can I track my ballot?” or “Can I register to vote and cast my ballot on the same day?” Viewers can also check out a map of the United States to see continually updated state regulations for the Coronavirus, including which states allow the pandemic to count as an “excuse” to vote by mail and which ones do not. 

With less than 80 days until the election and a potential mail-in-voting plight, voters across the United States are looking for up-to-date election information. NBC News’ campaign aims to help Americans know that “casting a ballot this year requires a plan”. While the Plan Your Vote campaign is centralized online, NBC News and affiliate network MSNBC will use broadcast advertising as a primary marketing method for the initiative. Both networks are also using social media to connect with potential voters across the country, which could help maximize campaign exposure according to a Gartner report. NBC News and MSNBC are linking posts to the Plan Your Vote site on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where they could reach a combined following of 27 million. With social media’s increasing role in spreading misinformation during the Coronavirus pandemic, promoting a factual, state-by-state guide across platforms could help NBC News connect with a large voting audience. 

This year’s election occurs in the midst of a health pandemic, leaving many voters with more questions than answers. The Plan Your Vote interactive guide could clarify many public concerns and help voters plan ahead with their ballots. The campaign could also help NBC News expand its audience reach and boost its image as a trusted source for 2020 election information and beyond.