Daily Insights

Nike Apps Keep Running

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 30, 2020

Nike recently changed its slogan to “play inside, play for the world”, encouraging fans to exercise indoors to stop the spread of Coronavirus. To help with indoor workout routines, the brand is now dropping the subscription fee to it’s popular Nike Training Club (NTC) Premium program. 

With gyms around the world closing during the pandemic, Nike’s services can help people stay healthy at home. NTC Premium includes content from the Nike App, Nike Running Club, Nike Training Club, Nike’s website, and Nike’s “Trained” podcast. There are 185 exclusive workouts available at a variety of fitness levels included in the running and training apps. Also included are workout tips from professional trainers, studio-style streaming videos, and customizable training plans. Nike’s extensive digital offerings play a part in the brand’s Genius ranking in the 2019 Gartner Digital IQ Index: Activewear US. Additionally, Nike introduced new content focused on healthy mindsets, nutrition, and sleep to further engage those self-distancing at home. 

Nike updated its social media channels to focus on the theme of social isolation, starting with its revamped slogan. In addition to promoting the new tagline on social media, the lifestyle label announced a $15 million donation to help fight the pandemic. Indeed, Nike is maintaining an encouraging message and encouraging actions to resonate with anxious consumers. American consumers trust the brand, and at a time when 43% of consumers want to hear from brands they know and trust, Nike’s response is reassuring. 

By making its exclusive content freely available, Nike can reach potential customers that could be converted into paying subscribers once the pandemic wanes. With all 1,100 global brick and mortars closed during the outbreak, Nike’s concentration on its digital outlets can help the brand stay afloat.