Daily Insights

Old Spice Goes Old School

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jun 07, 2021

Old Spice goes old-school to win over consumers.

Crafted before the COVID-19 crisis, Old Spice’s old fashioned barbershop will soon be open for business in Columbus, Ohio. The shop shoots for college-aged consumers amidst Ohio State University’s strong sports presence and athletic history, with hopes that the destination will tap into the OSU audience and give students a new-old spot to hangout: a barbershop. The shop will also tout celebrity barbers including Florido, Benjamin Thigpen, and Matt Johnston, and notably, include a social media studio where hair styling and educational videos can be shot and produced, all using Old Spice hair care products, of course. Decor will take inspiration from famous Old Spice ads, such as a wooden boat chopped in half serving as a reception desk.

A member of the Gifted class in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care, Old Spice has seen growth in the digital space over the years. Its newest initiative adds a new layer of brick-and-mortar that could shorten the path to purchase and engage audiences along the way. Additionally, the introduction of the pandemic could actually present some positives for the launch. As the number of open barbershops declined, the length of patrons’ hair grew. These factors could prove doubly beneficial for the brand, as the Old Spice barbershop provides not only a place to get groomed, but also a place to learn how to do so yourself.

Finally, the inclusion of a content studio in the barbershop speaks to the brand’s history of digital excellence. For example, the brand boasts active social media accounts with 183,000 followers on Instagram and 189,400 followers on Twitter. Now, the brand will have an extra stream of fresh content to pull and promote—still a must in today’s heavily digital environment.