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One Easy Way to Extend Your Google Presence

By: Lili Meng | Mar 25, 2019

Google is constantly in trial and error mode, evolving its ad ecosystem to respond to increasing competition and shifts in search behavior. As visual search became more popular, for instance, Google launched ads on Google Images.

What does this mean for brands? As Google iterates on its product offerings at the expense of organic results, brands can no longer rely solely on relevancy and other SEO best practices to insulate themselves from competitive bidding and placement opportunities.

Gartner L2’s search report highlights various tactics brands can use when implementing Google extensions, including those for Shopping and text ads, to help increase search real estate and ad prominence. Analyzed brands typically use extensions on Shopping ads to highlight fulfillment-related information and reviews.

However, brands aren’t using ad extensions to capitalize on other types of search behaviors, including those specific to locations, despite their relatively low bidding cost (e.g., “adidas New York”). Less than 5% of brands deploy an in-store tag or show distance from the nearest store on Shopping ads, missing an easy opportunity.