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OREO’s Holiday House

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 11, 2019

OREO is building up holiday excitement a bit early this year. In addition to it’s OREO candy canes, the famous cookie brand has released two new cookie products tailor-made for festive fun. 

OREO has been diligently releasing new products all year round. Over the summer the company released five new flavors to the public. For the fall, it launched a new mystery flavor, awarding one winner $50,000 if they guessed the taste correctly. For the winter holidays, OREO has released a chocolate cookie house kit and a holiday-themed cookie dunk set.

The cookie house is OREO’s take on a gingerbread house, and features the classic chocolate cookie, icing and mini OREOs for decoration. The OREO cookie house retails for $10, with a mini house version on sale for $5. Both sets can be found online or in-store at CVS or Big Lots. The OREO cookie dunk set has also returned after fan pleas online, and features winter-themed snowflake designs. The dunk set will be sold exclusively at Walmart for $18. This partnership comes at a time when Walmart is looking to open up more advertising and promotional opportunities for brands carried in-store, according to a Gartner L2 report on the topic. 

OREO typically releases festive flavors around the holidays to drum up fan interest, but this year the company is taking it a step further with its  themed sets and creations that put a twist on tradition. With gingerbread houses being a holiday staple, and OREO being a beloved national brand, this combination could be a major success for the company. 

Fans hoping to create their own OREO cookie house will have to act quickly as the kits are continuously selling out—so much so that fans in Canada are coughing up $150 just to get their hands on one!