Daily Insights

Oreo’s Supreme Snack

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 20, 2020

Oreo is getting a stylish makeover courtesy of fashion label Supreme. 

The novel collaboration will feature an Oreo Double Stuf cookie encased in Supreme’s signature red with the brand logo in the center. The special cookies will come in packs of three for $8—a bit above the price of a traditional Oreo pack, though both brands are betting on the loyal fanbases not minding. The joint effort is part of a bigger campaign by Supreme for its Spring/Summer 2020 accessories line. The line is full of equally eccentric items including a branded lawn chair, a basketball covered with George Washington’s face, and a set of Supreme logo Heller mugs. Fans can get their hands on the co-branded cookies starting this week at New York City Supreme stores or online starting next week. 

The brand crossover is aimed at youthful, highly engaged consumers—which makes it all the more surprising that Supreme announced the collaboration on Twitter—rather than TikTok or Instagram Stories. The latter two platforms receive some of the highest global engagement rate from younger audiences, according to a Gartner report on the topic, particularly when it comes to engaging with fashion brands. Despite this, the Twitter announcement still resulted in a substantial social media response and became one of the Supreme’s most liked and retweeted collaboration posts; it was also a success for Oreo—who received over 80,000 likes for its own post. The enthusiastic response shows that it’s not only younger audiences interested in this promotion, and as such the brand’s collaboration has the potential to intrigue a wider audience.

Oreo and Supreme have teamed up to hit mass markets, and based on the response, collaborations between wholesome and high-fashion might just be the new trend.