Daily Insights

Pack Your Gucci Bags

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 09, 2019

Gucci is taking fans on a luxury tropical vacation—virtually. 

Gucci has created its first-ever fashion lens on Snapchat set in a paradise oasis. The partnership is in coordination with Gucci’s Holiday Gift Giving campaign and will take users to a tropical, psychedelic island where they’ll be surrounded by fluorescent colors, Gucci handbags and accessories, and other holographic elements. The portal lens allows users to interact with elements in the 3-D world, including a candy-cane palm tree and a snowman made of sand. The Snapchat lens is available to all users worldwide looking to embark on a luxury, digital holiday—especially those dreaming of escaping the cold for a nice, warm island. A Gartner L2 report on the topic emphasized the importance of brand presence on social media—and Gucci’s efforts to promote on different platforms, including Snapchat, could help it reach wider audiences.  

The Snapchat lens goes hand in hand with Gucci’s winter Gift Giving Collection, which features island-themed products, an editorial spread, and a campaign video on a cruise ship. Utilizing Snapchat to help promote the campaign, especially to younger users and shoppers, shows Gucci’s attempts to reach a young, digitally diverse market. 

As Gucci continues to experiment with digital trends, other luxury fashion brands could learn from its virtual risks and rewards.