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Pepsi’s Philanthropic Pour

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 14, 2021

Last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests saw big brands stepping up their contributions to Black communities and businesses. While PepsiCo already donated millions of dollars towards the cause, a new initiative doubles down on its commitment for years to come. 

Pepsi’s new Dig In campaign pledges to help Black-owned businesses gain $100 million in sales over the next five years. The effort includes spotlighting businesses through national TV spots and generating support through digital and social media marketing. Additionally, Pepsi will sponsor business services, training, and mentorship to small business owners and their employees. Part of the efforts include the expansion of its Black Restaurants Deliver program, which boosts online ordering and delivery capabilities for small, Black owned eateries. Tying the program into the Dig In campaign means Pepsi will help 400 restaurants in 40 communities extend their delivery features over the next five years. 

Pepsi created Facebook and Instagram pages for the new initiative that consumers can visit to learn more about the ongoing support efforts and spotlighted businesses. The social channels also include links to help consumers donate directly to the cause, which could help merge engagement between Pepsi’s digital and social efforts. Additionally, Pepsi will frequently release “Dig In” TV advertisements, including its first spot running until February 8. The ad was made in tandem with the NFL and is also running on the NFL’s website, which could draw more attention to the campaign. Though the campaign marketing tactics could raise awareness towards the local businesses, the plethora of platform promotions could also keep Pepsi top of mind with consumers across the country, which in turn could boost sales or social followings, according to a Gartner report

As experts predict restaurants may not recover from the economic turmoil of the Coronavirus pandemic until 2025, Pepsi’s efforts could help jumpstart Black businesses’ recuperation. The Dig In campaign also allows Pepsi to double down on its image of empathy, a theme the brand has fully embraced in the past year through numerous marketing efforts that targeted struggles of all kinds. For example, the label held a virtual concert to raise money for healthcare workers last April and delivered “home tailgating kits” to devoted football fans celebrating the start of the NFL season. The devotion to helping all of its consumers through different themed campaigns could help Pepsi build loyalty and be viewed favorably amongst American consumers. 

Pepsi’s Dig In campaign represents its latest endeavor to help serve communities in need during the Coronavirus pandemic. While the brand’s plans extend over the next five years, getting started now could help it boost relevance with consumers and set the stage for future benevolent acts.