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Pepsi’s Piece of Pie

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 20, 2020

Pepsi embraces a Thanksgiving staple with its new, limited edition flavor: Apple Pie. The fizzy, festive refreshment is designed to taste and smell like the classic pie through scents of cinnamon, crisp apples, and freshly baked pie crust. Pepsi concocted the beverage to be “fall in a glass”, and recommends consumers drink the beverage over ice to get the full “fresh from the oven” taste and creamy-like texture. 

Pepsi announced its newest soda as a limited-edition beverage, though it did not mention just how limited it would be. Any consumers that want to get their hands on a bottle, will have to go online rather than in-store, as the only way to get the drink is to win Pepsi’s new social media sweepstakes. For the sweepstakes, Pepsi asks fans on TikTok and Twitter to post a video of their “greatest baking fail” using the hashtag #PepsiApplePieChallenge. Pepsi will choose its two favorite “fails” and send each winner a 2-Liter bottle of Pepsi Apple Pie. While the challenge only grants a couple of consumers their own bottle of the fall-flavored soda, the social media campaign could help build buzz for Pepsi, allowing it to drive engagement and grow its social media presence on TikTok in particular, according to a Gartner report.  

While Pepsi launched Pepsi Apple Pie as more of a marketing strategy than a revenue stream, the campaign could still help spur a surge in sales as consumers look to try other unique soda styles. Pepsi Apple Pie is the latest addition to Pepsi’s portfolio, following the roll out of Pineapple Pepsi and Pepsi Cafe, its caffeinated coffee-soda hybrid, earlier this year. By tying its latest flavor to fall, Pepsi could boost engagement with loyal season-loving supporters and join the ranks of other brands launching limited-edition autumnal goods, including MoonPie, Dunkin’, and Pillsbury. With consumer spending on holiday food increasing this year, including a 300% surge in online grocery shopping, launching a soda just in time for Thanksgiving could help Pepsi boost sales and retain relevance with homebound consumers. 

Pepsi gives fans a taste of a new seasonal treat that could help it stand out from fall-flavored competitors—even if it does fizzle out into just another fad.. By promoting Pepsi Apple Pie on TikTok and Twitter, the beverage brand could engage a new audience of seasonal sippers and put a twist on traditional soda selling.