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Pepsi’s Pineapple Pop Top

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 12, 2020

Pepsi is gearing up for the summer season with the release of its newest drink, Pineapple Pepsi. The drink has all the flavor of a classic Pepsi mixed with a splash of pineapple juice. The drink joins the lineup of Pepsi’s other fruit-flavored sodas, including berry, mango, and lime. In April 2019, Pepsi released its three other fruit flavors, though Lime Pepsi will now be replaced by Pineapple Pepsi, marking the brand’s first fruit-flavored cola release for 2020. Pineapple Pepsi originally launched as a limited-edition drink in Japan, but after gaining widespread popularity online, the drink is now moving stateside. The brand has remained mum about the new drink on social media—where posting has been halted during Black Lives Matter protests—but fans have been displaying their own photos of the drink on Instagram and Twitter. 

Though Pineapple Pepsi is launching nationwide, it may be harder to find than past Pepsi drinks. The drink is currently available at Walmart, as Pepsi has partnered exclusively with the big box brand to carry its newest flavor. While competition between beverage brands on Amazon is highly intense, Walmart’s grocery space provides greater visibility. As such, Pepsi’s partnership with Walmart could help it excel in search performance and better capitalize on its flavor assortments, according to a Gartner report. Making pineapple Pepsi a seasonal, limited-edition drink could also benefit both Pepsi and Walmart as consumers could be more inclined to purchase the beverage before it leaves shelves. 

By partnering with Walmart—which has stores in every U.S. state—Pepsi could build buzz with fans nationwide, while still making its newest drink accessible to all. By creating a flavor tailor-made for summertime, the brand could further excite consumers who are looking for something new amidst the monotony of Coronavirus-induced quarantining.