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Pepsi’s Thirst Down

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 21, 2020

With football season fast approaching, fans are gearing up to watch games from home rather than in stadiums. The unusual season could be met with irregular brand advertising, including Pepsi’s new campaign dedicated to “elite football watchers”. 

Pepsi acknowledges how difficult it is to be a professional football player, but now it’s recognizing the skill required to be a passionate football fan. The brand’s new campaign celebrates the speed and precision of fans who can do things like make nachos and grab a can of Pepsi all during a commercial break or create a one-of-a-kind touchdown dance from their couch. The new “Made For Football Watching” celebrates moments like these and connects the beverage brand to homebound football fans making the most of the NFL season during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The campaign features a series of comical commercials that give a glimpse into home viewing, which will run across TV and digital media. Pepsi’s “One Day”, “Backyard”, and “The Player” commercials will all run up to and through the first week of NFL games across broadcast stations. Pepsi also created a campaign website where fans can watch the commercials and view or purchase team-specific content, including new branded NFL team cans for Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar, and Diet Pepsi. The site will also house a series of filters for social media beginning on September 8, which can be used for posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Pepsi could promote the fan-filtered photos on its own channels, which may help it grow fan interaction rates according to a Gartner report.  

Pepsi’s new campaign could resonate with the 95% of football fans taking in this year’s season from home. The beverage brand’s marketing efforts might inspire new home viewing traditions or at least remind fans that they’re not the only ones watching games from home. Running a large-scale campaign to welcome back the NFL could build excitement with fans across the country who remained unsure of the league’s return during the pandemic. As one of the NFL’s biggest sponsors and a partner to 16 teams, Pepsi’s forging ahead with a fresh campaign makes sense, but also could bring hope back to sports viewers that the NFL season will kick off as promised. 

With the football season gearing up to be an interesting look at sports in the Coronavirus era, Pepsi’s new goal is to keep fans as excited and engaged from home as they would be in a stadium. By appealing to fans using their own football-watching traditions, Pepsi could connect with new audiences and stay top of mind as a game day beverage of choice.