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Pfizer Dismisses Disinformation

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 25, 2021

The approval of Coronavirus vaccines in the U.S. provided a glimmer of hope to millions of Americans anxiously awaiting a return to normalcy. As vaccinations get underway in every state, Pfizer releases a series of PSA’s educating consumers on the importance of getting a dose. 

Pfizer was the first pharmaceutical company to have its vaccine approved by the United States government, followed shortly after by Moderna. While a primary challenge remains increasing accessibility of the vaccines, an additional challenge also arose—getting people to agree to take it. The spread of misinformation is why Pfizer teamed up with BioNTech to release short ads showing viewers what they can return to by getting vaccinated. The “Beacuse of This” campaign shows short clips of friends hugging each other, birthday parties, and emotional reunions to remind consumers of the simple things once taken for granted before the Coronavirus pandemic. Though the ads are sentimental, Pfizer goes to great lengths to tell viewers that they can have moments like that back by taking its vaccine. To drive this point home, Pfizer anchors each ad with the message “Science can make it possible. Only you can make it real.” The ads end by referring viewers to the Science Possible website, which contains third party information for those feeling skeptical about the Coronavirus vaccine and other news about the virus. 

“Because of This” is running as a large-scale marketing campaign, with ads airing nationally across the U.S. for the next several months. Viewers can catch the PSA’s on broadcast TV, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well as through digital billboards and out-of-home advertisements. Elevating the circulation of the PSA’s could ensure Pfizer reaches as many Americans as possible, which could potentially curtail misinformation or distrust in the vaccine according to a Gartner report. Pfizer included home videos in each ad, which could also help viewers feel personally connected to the campaign, and as such, more encouraged to do their part to stay safe during the pandemic. Pfizer’s approach taps into the nostalgia trend that has gripped consumers during the pandemic, with many retail, fashion, and food brands also evoking emotion via memories and “throwback” promotions. Keeping up to date with consumer preferences could increase Pfizer’s potential to resonate with viewers, including keeping the clips top of mind as they debate whether or not to get vaccinated. 

With its video PSA’s, Pfizer’s could show how its vaccine may help bring an end to the ongoing pandemic, and as such, it makes sense to encourage consumers to get vaccinated the first chance they get.