Daily Insights

Pictures of Positivity

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 10, 2020

Shuttefly encourages consumers to send personalized gifts to friends and family as the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic continues to keep many apart. 

Shutterfly’s new “Let Good Fly” campaign invites consumers to give photo books, framed photos, and Christmas cards inspired by new memories in an effort to end 2020 on a positive note. Though the year was dominated by the Coronavirus pandemic, Shutterfly reminds viewers that positive things have still happened, and as such, it should be the latter that is remembered during the holiday season. For the lighthearted campaign, Shutterfly is running advertisements across social media, digital media, broadcast TV, and radio, allowing it to connect with consumers on whatever digital channel they are frequenting from home, according to a Gartner report on the topic. For its first television commercial, Shuttefly took on a sarcastic tone to make light of all the trends that have emerged this year, including baking homemade bread and adopting pets. The ads end with the snappy saying “Watch smiles multiply when the good times fly”, which could inspire customers to shop Shutterfly as demand for brand optimism increases. 

By adopting a sarcastic spirit and lighthearted outlook for its campaign, Shutterfly could attract consumers of all ages who could then feel encouraged to focus on the joyous and humorous moments of 2020. The Let Good Fly campaign could particularly appeal to younger consumers, as Gen Zers have increased their demand for fun content, rather than the somber tones many brands have taken up during the pandemic. As the majority of consumers are also ready for brands to talk about things other than the election or health crisis, Shutterfly’s holiday campaign could be an ideal transition as it looks to ring in the new year with new memories. With holiday shopping predicted to favor e-commerce over brick and mortar sales during the Coronavirus pandemic, connecting with consumers via digital and social media could help Shutterfly drive website visits and boost its virtual presence. Additionally, by reminding consumers of positive memories from this year, Shutterfly could grow a loyal audience who may turn to the brand for years to come in a bid to capitalize on merry memories. 

Shutterfly invites consumers to end this year on a positive note in the form of cards and photos. By tying its campaign and products to a feeling of hopefulness and positivity, Shutterfly could attract a wide audience of consumers looking to give and get heartwarming gifts to overcome a grim year.