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Pillsbury’s Sweet Present

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 30, 2020

Pillsbury graces the grocery store with a new breakfast food that pays homage to a classic mug of hot chocolate. 

Just in time for holiday baking, Pillsbury debuts its new, limited-edition sweet treat, Hot Cocoa Cinnamon Rolls. The rolls include a hot cocoa flavored dough and marshmallow icing to replicate a mug full of hot chocolate. The treats can be found in the refrigerated aisles of grocery stores across the U.S. for $3.89, where they will be available through the end of December. For now, Pillsbury’s promotions for the Hot Cocoa rolls are limited to grocery store shelves, as its social media channels are busy promoting Halloween recipes and products. However, as the holiday season draws closer, Pillsbury could turn to Instagram or Twitter to spread the word about the seasonal sweets. 

Pillsbury’s holiday rolls make their grocery store debut in the midst of a sales surge during the Coronavirus pandemic. While grocery sales have already risen 40% this year, the upcoming holidays and impending winter season means more consumers could forgo restaurant dining to cook at home with friends and family, according to a Gartner report. Pillsbury could also see a sales boost as more shoppers frequent grocery stores and give into their sweet tooths. Limited-edition food items typically sell well during the holiday season, as consumers buy in to the joy of holiday shopping, but Pillsbury could have particularly sweet sales this year as consumer cravings for sugary goods continue to rise during the pandemic. While the Hot Cocoa rolls could satisfy consumer taste buds, they could also help Pillsbury build loyalty with shoppers looking for brands to spread cheer at home during a rough year. 

Pillsbury turns its love of hot chocolate into a sweet treat for holiday grocery shoppers, which could boost its in-store sales and spur a new community of hot cocoa-craving consumers to rival the pumpkin spice fans of fall.