Daily Insights

Pinterest Shops Around

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 14, 2020

E-commerce platform Shopify is teaming up with Pinterest through a new channel. 

Shopify’s one million users can now turn their shoppable products into pins on Pinterest. The Pinterest page on the Shopify app includes a host of features, such as tag installation, ad-buying interface, and results tracking, to help users work between the two platforms quickly. Creating pins from Shopify will take Pinterest users directly to the online store when clicked. Shopify merchants can also add a shop tab to their Pinterest profiles to enhance brand awareness on the platform. Pinterest’s high engagement rates could help Shopify products get more views, according to a Gartner report, especially since merchants can promote their products as paid ads as part of the agreement. 

Pinterest has been rapidly growing its shopping features this year with initiatives like its exclusive holiday “shops” for Earth Day and Christmas. However, it is the platform’s record usage during the Coronavirus pandemic that led it to increase product catalogs to fit user search trends. Pinterest’s growing e-commerce capabilities make it ripe for brand partnerships, specifically as the number of users engaging with shoppable pins continues to increase. Since Pinterest rolled out shoppable pins, 80% of weekly users have made a purchase based on a pin they like. The partnership could make it easier for merchants to grow their business by opening the shoppable pins up to Pinterest’s millions of daily users.

Working with Shopify further solidifies Pinterest’s position as an e-commerce platform. As shopping and social media become enmeshed, Pinterest’s retail prowess could set it apart from competitors looking to penetrate the digital shopping sector.