Daily Insights

Pinterest’s Virtual Vacation

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 10, 2020

The appeal of planning future travels draws both users and partners to Pinterest. The social media platform works with companies including Hilton, Southwest Airlines, and Accor as it readies consumers for travel during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.  

With searches for “road trip routes” surging by 250% and “vacation spots” jumping up 260%, it’s safe to say homebound wanderlusters are turning to Pinterest for travel inspiration during the Coronavirus pandemic. As many families embark on cross-country trips this summer, a new trend has arisen that sees brands appealing to Pinterest users through health and safety recommendations, rather than traditional travel deal touts. Companies like the California Board of Tourism use Pinterest to share content about vacations in California, including things to do and places to eat, intertwined with pandemic precautions taken around the state. Pinterest’s highly interactive and educational advertising format could help brands reach more potential vacationers and further appeal to users looking for safe places to go during the pandemic, according to a Gartner report

Other travel-related brands, like Southwest Airlines and Disney, diverged from pandemic-focused vacations by using Pinterest to fuel travel inspiration, sponsoring posts and images that could help viewers imagine their ideal, post-Coronavirus vacation. Pictures from Southwest Airlines of idyllic parks and beaches and Disney posts of park attractions could encourage consumers to begin venturing outside of “staycations” and instead embrace planning for far-away travels after the pandemic wanes. Seeing brands promote international travel and luxury adventures could comfort consumers who are not only waiting for things to return to normal but may feel more inclined to plan a trip knowing brands have renewed their travel advertising. 

Pinterest has housed a deluge of campaigns to keep consumers entertained during the pandemic, but as travel slowly rebounds, it’s shifting to help users plan for a return to normal. Teaming up with brands from numerous industries allows Pinterest to diversify its content and could help it connect with consumers no matter what type of trip they are planning.