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Pitcher Perfect

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 10, 2020

Corona tapped rapper Snoop Dogg for a new pandemic-era campaign that unites its entire portfolio of beverages for the first time. 

The new “La Vida Más Fina” campaign translates to “The Fine Life” and represents Corona’s new outlook for focusing on all the “fine things” in life. The campaign motto puts a spin on the “La Cerveza Más Fina” slogan found on bottles of Corona, allowing it to pay homage to its classic product while promoting its full line of beverages. One of the drinks being highlighted through the marketing effort is Corona Hard Seltzer, which launched earlier this year and is currently one of the top selling alcoholic seltzer beverages of the summer. 

Corona originally had a full-scale marketing campaign set for this spring to introduce its Hard Seltzer. However, the Coronavirus pandemic and ensuring negativism surrounding the similar-sounding names caused Corona to pause and pivot. To meet consumers in their current situation, Corona has now returned with a campaign that acknowledges pandemic realities, but ends each ad on a positive note while still spotlighting its beverages. Featuring rapper Snoop Dogg, whose laid-back persona also landed him a sponsorship with Dunkin’, could help the brand connect with young consumers and encourage them to make the best out of their situations. Corona’s first ad starring the rapper-turned-spokesperson sees Snoop Dogg sitting on a beach while telling viewers, “You can’t choose everything in life, but you can still choose to find the fine in life.” 

Corona is running its Snoop Dogg ads on TV, including during the current NBA playoffs, and online. Additionally, Corona brewed up a dedicated Giphy library, where social media users can find themed La Vida Más Fina images, such as Snoop Dogg sauntering down a beach with a Corona in hand. Fans can use the GIFs on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as well as through iOS text messaging. The NBA playoff ads could help Corona reach a wide audience of sports fans, just as using GIFs on social media could help it reach younger consumers who may not be watching live TV. The launch of a multichannel campaign could boost Corona’s engagement rates, helping it stand out amongst beer brands looking for a Coronavirus comeback, according to a Gartner report

As hard seltzer remains popular and beer sales bounce back, Corona’s new campaign could help it reclaim its name and sales. By incorporating a celebrity cameo into lighthearted ads, Corona has the opportunity to connect with homebound beer drinkers on the lookout for a positive perspective amidst a flavorless summer.