Daily Insights

Platform Priorities

By: Susruthi Vasudevan | Sep 04, 2019

Traffic to brand sites is declining.

Editorials outperform brands on scale and engagement when it comes to recipe content, and the e-tailer landscape is filled with private-label and indie brands competing for a share of the consumer’s wallet. Legacy food brands are constantly challenged at major consumer touchpoints, and large enterprises often find themselves on an investment seesaw balancing their power brands versus their entire portfolio. Only a few best-in-class brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Food exemplify digital excellence in terms of consolidating and leveraging enterprise scale and investing in engaging, search-optimized content.

However, for many brands, results are underwhelming compared to their efforts, forcing these brands to seek and evaluate opportunities for partnerships to scale reach. With a fragmented online retail landscape, challenges still remain for brands juggling platform priorities while exploring various media tactics in order to influence discoverability and conversion as e-tailer capabilities continue to evolve.