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Positioned for Success

By: Evan Mack | Aug 16, 2019

As the Google search environment continues to evolve with new ad types, department store brands must promote their capabilities to be visible for top-of-funnel customers. Incumbents remain successful on Google and there has been little movement in organic search visibility for leading department stores, but categories like toys and baby are white spaces for new entrants and any retailer willing to pay.

In 2019, Google began releasing more metrics describing the impressions received by ads in the absolute first position in search results while sunsetting traditional metrics like average position.

On mobile devices in particular, the first position for Showcase Shopping ads is the only fully visible position, enhancing its importance and requiring brands to be wary of ad effectiveness according to Gartner L2’s report on the topic. Although since 2018, other big-box retailers outspend Amazon, the digital leader has seen marked improvements in its share of its Showcase Shopping ads optimized to appear in the first position.

Of Amazon’s Showcase Shopping ads, the share of those that appear in the first position increased from 12% to 70%, representing the biggest improvement since 2018.

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