Daily Insights

Prada’s Digital Dialogue

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 13, 2020

Prada is launching a digital talk series on Instagram, dubbed “Prada Possible Conversations” Luxury fashion brands have seen a rise in user engagement rates on Instagram, according to a Gartner report, so it makes sense that Prada would use the platform to host its new series and further engage its audience. Each episode will revolve around a certain theme, such as art, architecture, cinema, literature, and of course, fashion. The episodes will include “international thinkers and personalities” from different industries to provide dialogue for the series. Prada is airing the episodes on its Instagram channel with the goal of bringing users together to discuss the rapid shift of culture in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. The episodes are a digital iteration of what would have been live events in Prada’s pre-Coronavirus plan. 

The series kicks off on April 14th, with each episode giving viewers the option to ask live questions or share opinions on the topics. For each episode aired, Prada will make a donation to UNESCO in support of its work during the pandemic. Promoting UNESCO’s efforts further emphasizes Prada’s dedication to culture and creativity during this time. In addition to the financial donations, Prada has also donated six intensive care units to three hospitals in Italy and repurposed its production factories to assemble 110,000 medical masks and 80,000 medical overalls for healthcare workers. 

Prada is leaning into social media during the pandemic to connect with users through the exploration of cultural themes. Digitizing events that were meant to be held in-person could show Prada’s adaptability, which could further resonate with users who have also had to rapidly submit to today’s state of affairs.