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Present Shopping for the Pandemic

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 02, 2020

Banana Republic encourages comfort and cheer in its first holiday commercial since 2005. 

Love The Present” centers around authentic relationships and the comfort of home, as the retailer encourages consumers to make pleasant memories with loved ones despite rather unpleasant circumstances during the Coronavirus pandemic. With the health crisis coinciding with the holiday season, Banana Republic’s new commercial and corresponding clothing line could appeal to homebound consumers and their growing demand for comfort. For its commercial, Banana Republic spotlights different families and couples wearing its new line of winter wear, which includes sweaters, coats, and hats, while gathered around fireplaces and gifts. The ad will run through the end of the year on broadcast TV, which could help Banana Republic differentiate itself from competitors leaning into social media marketing for the holidays, according to a Gartner report. Banana Republic has not run an ad on broadcast TV since 2005, but with more consumers at home watching television during the pandemic, reverting back to broadcast advertising could help the retailer reach a wider and different audience than in a traditional year. 

This holiday season will see consumers more anxious to spend a lot of money or visit brick and mortar stores as a result of the pandemic. To counteract this predicted loss in foot traffic and revenue, Banana Republic added a philanthropic element that could boost the holiday spirit. For every sweater sold from its new holiday collection, the retailer will donate $10 to Feeding America. It already donated $35,000 to CARE, a nonprofit aiding women in poverty, for the campaign as well. The donations could help people around the U.S. in need of assistance or food this holiday season, as well as keep Banana Republic top of mind with socially conscious consumers. While many department stores and big box brands, like Amazon and Target, have already kicked off their holiday deals, Banana Republic is one of the first retailers to mark the season. By debuting its heartfelt campaign early on, Banana Republic could connect with early holiday shoppers and potentially make up for lost revenue earlier in the year. 

Banana Republic celebrates the holiday season by tying together charity and comfort clothing in a new campaign that connects with homebond holiday shoppers. By returning to TV, the brand could spread cheer to a wider audience and stand out amongst other retailers vying for seasonal sales.