Daily Insights

Prestigious Pups

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 28, 2019

Social media has given way to a new breed of stars⁠—dog influencers. Dogs have become particularly famous on Facebook and Instagram, where some have garnered a cult following and the coveted “Pupfluencer” title.

Many of the furry social media stars are known solely because of their cuteness, while others have garnered a following thanks to special talents⁠—whatever the reason for their rise to fame, one thing is for sure: there is a vast market yearning to look at dog pictures. Some social media pupfluencers have gained millions of followers on Instagram alone, including Doug the Pug, Loki the Wolfdog, and Jiff Pom. These dogs all fit into the mega-influencer category as grouped by follower counts according to Gartner L2’s report, on the topic and receive the most partnerships with specialty retail brands. The owners that run these dog accounts have commercialized off of their dog’s success, partnering them with brands that fit the dog’s image. For instance, Ella Bean, a rescued Chihuahua, has partnered with Shutterfly to promote custom dog bowls and The Ritz-Carlton to promote its new dog-friendly resort. 

These partnerships are great for dog owners to learn about new products for their own pets, but also gain traction with the wider public of dog-lovers who want to hear about companies that support pets. The rising success of pupfluencers has led to various brands creating products just for furry friends. More people are investing in presents for their pets, including dog pajamas and specialty dog beds. Popular pupfluencers have even been able to curate their own product lines to sell to the most dedicated fans and followers. 

When it comes down to it, animal social media accounts provide a respite to the hackneyed problems of the real world. Brands looking for a fresher take on marketing might want to look to pupfluencers to tap into a category that perfectly marries adorability with modern marketing