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Primed for Entertainment

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 26, 2020

Following two successful TikTok campaigns this year, e.l.f. Cosmetics is returning to the social platform with a new reality show called “Eyes, Lips, Famous”

The show’s title is a play on the brand’s original “Eyes, Lips, Face” challenge, which generated over five billion views on TikTok. Beginning in September, e.l.f. will roll out weekly episodes of a reality contest that will see three potential beauty influencers vying for a $5,000 beauty contract and a year’s worth of free cosmetics. The show will include three TikTok influencers who lead the contestants through “beauty camp” with makeup experts and serve as the show’s panel of judges. Every episode will include a bevy of e.l.f. products, allowing the brand to market specific items for ecommerce sales and highlight product education, according to a Gartner report on the topic. Any TikTok user can apply to be on the reality show by following e.l.f.’s page, uploading a video detailing why they should be chosen, and including the hashtag #eyeslipsfamous in the caption. 

Expanding upon one of its most popular social campaigns to date allows e.l.f. to engage with the loyal audience that blossomed from its original “Eyes, Lips, Face” challenge. Interacting with this audience of beauty enthusiasts could help e.l.f. increase exposure for its new show and tap into the influencer market by highlighting a new wave of content creators. The reality show further evolves e.l.f.’s presence on TikTok while giving the brand full creative control over the content put out with its name. Though e.l.f. will be the first brand to release a show on TikTok, it may have company soon as the social platform plans to release another reality show based on singing. While e.l.f. searches for a new generation of makeup artists, TikTok is working with music producer Simon Fuller to find a new pop “supergroup” made from undiscovered talent on the app. The two shows set the stage for TikTok to move towards more long-form content, potentially priming it to rebrand itself if it’s eventually restricted by the U.S. government. 

TikTok could potentially be banned in September, but that’s not stopping e.l.f. Cosmetics from launching a show in the same month. The cosmetic company’s competition shapes up for a new wave of branded entertainment on TikTok and could help it continue to set trends and grow its audience of makeup devotees.