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Pringles Chips In

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 05, 2020

Pringles’ mustached mascot, Julius Pringle, will go sans facial hair for the month of November as the brand helps raise money and awareness for men’s health charity Movember. While supporters of the nonprofit typically grow a mustache for a month, Pringles’ takes an opposite approach to its partnership. 

Pringles UK shaved off Mr. Pringle’s iconic mustache on November 1, giving fans a look at the newly clean shaven face of its brand on Instagram and Twitter. The brand also included a short video of Mr. Pringle chopping off his mustache to build awareness about its new partnership with Movember. Throughout the month, Pringles is sharing advice and posts to help viewers start conversations about men’s mental health, with a focus on prostate cancer and sucide, in particular. Pringles uses the hashtag #PopShareChat to build buzz around the campaign, which is riffed off its slogan “Once You Pop, The Fun Don’t Stop.” Though the mascot’s logo change is temporary, it is still significant as it marks the first time Mr. Pringle has changed its trademark look since 1968. The logo change could help Pringles reach a wider audience, including with consumers outside of the UK who could catch wind of the initiative through social media as engagement rates with snack food brands continues to increase, according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

In addition to asking customers to grow or shave their own mustaches, Pringles is encouraging monetary donations to go alongside its own €75,000 donation to Movember. The donations and awareness raised through Pringles’ partnership could help it boost its image as a socially conscious company, which in turn could increase consumer awareness and loyalty. By running the campaign across social media channels, Pringles’ could reach a wider audience, particularly as many UK consumers remain homebound during Coronavirus lockdowns. As both men’s suicide rates and daily social media usage continue to increase during the pandemic, delivering positive and helpful messages via Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram could help Pringles resonate with more consumers and tie its image to a worthwhile cause. Mr. Pringle is not alone in his mustache loss as KFC France is also taking part in Movember by shaving off Colonel Sanders’ equally iconic facial hair. Using well known brand mascots to build buzz around its mission could help Movember tap into loyal fan bases around the world, and thereby boost participation in its month-long initiative. 

Bidding farewell to Mr. Pringle’s recognizable facial hair allows the snack food brand to drive attention to important conversations, but in a lighthearted way that could resonate with consumers. By taking part in Movember’s push, Pringles could stay top of mind with a new audience of consumers, who could repay the brand for its kindness in chip sales.