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Puma’s Retro Kicks

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 18, 2020

Puma is going retro in India. 

Puma India is using Instagram as its primary platform to launch a new campaign centered around its “Play On” sneaker pack, featuring the Future Rider and Style Rider sneakers. The marketing is using 1980’s style imagery and colors to give the campaign a “retro” look. To appeal to younger consumers in particular, Puma has also launched an AR filter and an arcade-style game called “Rider Ball” on Instagram. The game is a pinball-style match which users can play in a bid to win a free pair of sneakers. The sweepstakes lasts until March 23rd, with the brand encouraging followers to play as many times as they can before the contest closes. 

Using Instagram for its sneaker promotions, Puma India is able to also tap into popular influencers to further publicize the sneakers. For example, the label has recruited Sara Ali Khan and Sahil Sharma AKA Zaeden to promote the shoes across the platform. Using innovative technology like AR filters and in-platform gaming to promote a retro-themed product is a comical juxtaposition clever enough to work. The sneakers come in two different variations, and though they seem to be available across international markets, the game and filter are only rolling out in India. Puma has been leaning into streetwear for the past few years, resulting in high digital interest amongst online searchers, according to a Gartner report, and helping the brand reach digital consumers across platforms.  

Puma’s nostalgia-infused promotion is utilizing social media to reach younger audiences—many of whom were never alive in the ’80s but love the period’s style nonetheless. Tapping into retro themes to appeal to Gen-Z shoppers could help build buzz throughout the new generation.