Daily Insights

Puma’s Voting Push

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 01, 2020

Puma teamed up with streetwear brand Snipes to merge shoe shopping with voter registration through a new in-store activation.  

The #UseYourVoice campaign encourages Puma and Snipes shoppers to vote in the 2020 Presidential election. To help consumers do so, the retailers set up 95 kiosks within their stores that assist in voter sign ups. The kiosks include polling information and state voting requirements, and will also disperse a Puma and Snipes branded face mask once a user finishes their registration. Puma and Snipes first introduced the kiosks at stores in Philadelphia and New York City before setting up more across the United States. The kiosks could make voter registration more accessible to shoppers, grow trust with those who want brands to engage in political activism, and create an in-store experience that captivates tech-savvy consumers, according to a Gartner report. Additionally, the in-store initiative could pull new shoppers and potentially help both Puma and Snipes recover in-store sales after months of brick and mortar closures during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

#UseYourVoice follows recent social justice-themed campaigns, such as Ben & Jerry’s podcast on the history of racism in America and NBC News’ voting preparedness push. Puma’s voter initiative also arrives after campaigns from social media giants, including Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok, but could stand out from them because it has the opportunity to connect with potential voters in-person. As social issues remain top of mind with consumers, Puma’s #UseYourVoice campaign could prove appealing, particularly with younger shoppers who may  register to vote for the first time and favor brands that promote face masks during the Coronavirus pandemic. Though the campaign centers around in-store kiosks, Snipes also took its activism to Twitter and Instagram, where it encouraged voter registration with the hashtags #UseYourVoice and #SnipesUSA. By promoting the campaign on social media, the activewear brands could reach a wider audience and encourage those that cannot make it into a store to still register to vote. 

Through the #UseYourVoice campaign, Puma and Snipes could turn sneakerheads and activewear enthusiasts into registered voters and boost their image as socially aware, politically active retailers.