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Purchase Perks

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 08, 2020

National jewelry and accessories store Claire’s boasts new consumer benefits through its first-ever rewards program. 

Claire’s Rewards is a new program that repays consumers via special sales and discounts. Consumers can join the program in stores, online, or through the Claire’s app. For every $1 spent, Clarie’s Rewards members will gain points that can then be redeemed on exclusive products or purchases. Additional benefits of the program include birthday deals, early access to sales, and exclusive member events throughout the year. The retailer also plans to produce personalized deals tailored to consumers based on their shopping preferences and engagement levels. The program could appeal to younger consumers and mobile shoppers alike, as demand for loyalty incentives increases during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Though Claire’s Rewards incentivizes consumers to join its program via app, additional enticements are offered through social media. For example, the brand will reward points to members when they visit Claire’s Instagram and Facebook channel and engage with its posts. Doing so could help Claire’s boost social engagement and grow its virtual audience, according to a Gartner report. The incentive also allows Claire’s to engage with consumers beyond its store or app, which could help boost overall consumer loyalty. To announce the launch of Claire’s Rewards, the retailer turned to social media to post a short video walking viewers through all of the program’s benefits. It also began using the hashtag #ClairesRewards to drum up excitement around the program. By relying on social media to build buzz, Claire’s could appeal to the 74% of young consumers that turn to social media when making purchasing decisions. As such, touting the benefits of Clarie’s Rewards virtually could help Claire’s strengthen reliance and relevance with consumers. 

Claire’s follows Michaels and Kohl’s in launching a rewards program this year as consumer preferences for brand loyalty and e-commerce surge during the pandemic. With the kick off of Claire’s Rewards, the brand can embrace digital innovations that could appeal to a new generation of young retail shoppers.