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Razor Rides Down Memory Lane

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 16, 2020

Razor has launched a new collaborative scooter line with a quartet of throwback brands. From the pink and seafoam florals of AriZona Iced Tea to the spicy reds of Sriracha, the unmistakable vibrancy of Takis and the bold strikes of Sharpie, each limited-edition scooter aims to infuse the essence of all four brands with the nostalgia of Razor. 

The collection, which celebrates Razor’s 20 year anniversary, is for sale on the brand’s website, on Target’s website and at select Target stores for $99, but is only available while supplies last. Originally launched in 2000, Razor’s new endeavor could appeal to many Gen-Z and younger millennial shoppers who grew up riding the scooters. To appeal to its target audience, the company is running a series of colorful ads on its digital and social media channels. As 90% of those aged 18-29 use social media, promoting the nostalgic scooters across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook could prove a winning move for Razor. Each ad introduces a new scooter and the brand that inspired that design, with posts promoted on social media including the hashtag #RazorCollab. In addition to promoting its brand partners, Razor’s partnership with Target could rev up its social and digital media presence, according to a Gartner report, by tapping into some of the big box retailer’s nearly 30 million followers. 

Razor is encouraging younger consumers and nostalgic adults to take its new branded wheels for a whirl. By releasing a limited-edition line of scooters, the brand could build excitement about its new products and tap into the loyal fanbase of its brand collaborators. If successful, the initiative could also present Razor with the blueprint for a strategy it could easily take for another spin in the future.