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Razr Sharp Resurgence

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 24, 2020

Retro Motorola Razr fans’ wait is almost over as a release date has finally been set for the phone’s revival.

The new-and-improved Razr will be available starting February 6th, with presale opening up for tech enthusiasts on January 26th. The foldable smartphone will retail for $1,500 and can be ordered through the Motorola website or Verizon—the phone’s exclusive provider in the United States, and is also available for preorder through Walmart. Although the phone was inspired by its original namesake, the major similarity between the two versions is merely the “flip phone” aspect, which will open top-to-bottom, just as the original phone did. Though the rejuvenated Razr folds in half and has a 6.2-inch screen, it is not as high-tech as other smartphones in the game: the screen is made of plastic, it has a small battery, and costs more than a current iPhone 11—minus the advanced features. Despite Apple iPhone’s unique retail footprint and mass appeal—according to a Gartner report—there’s a key factor the company is missing that the new Motorola Razr has in the bag: a nostalgic fanbase. 

Motorola’s original business plan involved releasing the new Razr in December 2019, but after unanticipated high demand, the sale had to be delayed. The new release date is a week prior to Samsung releasing it’s Galaxy Z Flip—a clamshell-style flip phone and alternate to Samsung’s original folding smartphone. The Galaxy Z Flip comes less than a year after the brand originally released its $1,980 Galaxy Fold—a phone that was meant to fold in half but instead suffered severe screen breakage, causing its sale to the public to be postponed. The timing for the two brands’ new flip phones is key as they will likely be market competitors. 

The resurgence of flip phones gives new meaning to “what’s old is new again”. While the days of pressing a number several times in an attempt to text are thankfully gone, Motorola hopes the Razr bears the perfect blend of old-fashioned freshness that tech users are seeking.