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Reddit Readies Voters

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 04, 2020

Reddit hosts conversations on virtually any subject, but the platform is now asking users to narrow in on one discussion—voting. 

Since Reddit’s launch in 2005, three presidential elections have passed. With a fourth election on the horizon, Reddit is now providing educational resources to get its users to the ballot box for what is being called one of the “most important” elections in American history. For its new “Up The Vote” campaign, Reddit launched a series of initiatives that helps users register to vote and stay updated on important topics, such as when to send in their ballots or how to become a poll worker. From now until the election on November 3, Reddit will send alerts for events like National Voter Registration Day and Vote Early Day as well as host “ask me anything” series where users can get answers on everything from voting laws to the process of voting by mail.

More content on Reddit gets upvoted per day than there were voters in the 2016 presidential election. For this reason, Reddit launched the Up The Vote campaign, which could keep its millions of daily users informed and active in the upcoming election season. As consumer appetite for educational content remains strong, Reddit could also use its new campaign to strengthen user engagement, according to a Gartner report. By highlighting the importance of voting, the platform could reach the 42% of 18-24 year olds on Reddit, the same age range that will make up more than 10% of the 2020 electorate. With millions at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, turning to social and digital media to reach voters has become the go-to strategy for this election season. Reddit is the latest platform using its large reach to connect with potential voters across the country, following the launch of NBC’s “Plan Your Vote” initiative in August. 

Reddit users get to vote for content everyday, but the new initiative helps them vote outside the platform, too. By opening access to voting information and resources, Reddit could appeal to new users and increase interactions with its large audience, helping it boost its image as a dependable source for the upcoming election.