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Reebok Presses Pause

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 16, 2020

Reebok wants everyone at home to relax and “press pause.”

The activewear brand is reminding fans not to feel guilty for taking a break from working out while in lockdown. As social media becomes saturated with at-home workout tips and videos, Reebok has taken another route. Its new campaign, Permission to Pause, lets social media users know that finding alternative ways to stay active is okay. The campaign is rolling out across social media, where Reebok has created a series of videos featuring employees and brand partners chilling out at home. Athletes including Shaquille O’Neal, Conor McGregor, and JJ Watt make appearances, showing fans how they are spending time at home. 

Using the hashtag #PermissionToPause, Reebok is encouraging fans to disconnect from technology and “focus on your mental and physical fitness.” Instagrammers can then use the hashtag to share the creative ways they are taking time for themselves. Reebok’s social media videos could inspire everyone at home to get creative in the ways they adjust to their new normal. Reebok’s adaptable content on social media could also help the brand build a more loyal community, according to a Gartner report—an imperative task given people’s reliance on social media while in lockdown. 

While social media is inundated with workhorses posting activity content non-stop, Reebok is reminding fans that during this confusing time, it’s okay to take a pause and unwind.