Daily Insights

Regal’s Home Game

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 14, 2020

Movie theaters across the country are closed, so Regal Entertainment created a series of cinema-themed games for people to play at home. 

Regal has teamed up with Moviebill, the brand behind AR-experiences in movie theaters, to bring new augmented reality games to the Regal app. The first game to be released is called “Pop-A-Corn”, where players are challenged to toss digital popcorn pieces into buckets to win points. Throughout the month, Regal will release more games including a 3D “Movie Maze” and a “Regal Crown Toss”. Brand games add an element of distraction while keeping consumers captivated, according to a Gartner report, which helps Regal provide entertainment to movie buffs unable to go to actual theaters during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Phone data usage increased by 34% in March as more people stuck at home turned to digital media for entertainment. With theaters shuttered, this increase in media usage provides an opportunity for Regal and Moviebill to lean into digital fan engagement. Regal’s smartphone app is also free, which could help entice consumers—younger ones in particular—who want to play quick and fun digital games without the obligation of paying. Connecting with users through smartphones could be a silver lining for the cinema industry as it weathers severe turmoil. Not only is the industry having to delay highly anticipated films, such as “No Time To Die” and “A Quiet Place II”, but a potential revenue loss of $17 billion looms as movie theaters continue to be shut down. 

Moviebill and Regal are just two of the brands in the cinema industry working to overcome the pandemonium brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic. With the distraction of AR games, however, the brands can engage with fans to stay top of mind and keep the spirit of the cinema alive.